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Oversize and Exitless Consoles

Another favorite trick of desperate spammers is to open oversize windows or exitless windows.  An oversize window by virtue of its size hides its close icon off-screen, as well as covering the Windows taskbar and sytem tray. The exitless console may or may not be oversize, but its main 'feature' is that there are no buttons, menus or even a close icon to allow you to close the window with your mouse.

The main aim of both of these types of windows is to allow more time for the graphics and other junk to completely download and to increase exposure time to any ads or links on these pages. Incredible as it may seem, the spamdick webmasters who employ these methods seem to think that a surfer is going to be more likely to join a paysite or click trash links after being assaulted by these methods, which border on hijacking.

A tip to remember should you come across an exitless or oversize window is that even if the close icon is hidden or absent, it can be still be closed by pressing Alt + F4 together (as you normally can with any window).
Another tip worth remembering is that even if the console/window has no 'Stop' icon you can usually still halt the loading of images and HTML by pressing the
Esc key on your keyboard.

Disabling Javascripting will prevent both oversize and exitless consoles. Yet another reason NOT to have Javascript enabled while surfing adult sites!  See the section 'A simple way to protect yourself' at the main menu for details on how to disable Javascripting.