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The 'Not Found' Tigershark Spam Scam

Ever seen this common screen while surfing the Net?

Note the small 'tigershark' and 'bleachboy' text

If so then you probably have suffered in the battle to escape its havoc.

What is it?

It's a simple but deadly piece of HTML code which you will come across while surfing majorhost, sexshare and fsn server hosted adult sites, among many others, at random times or occasionally for a page that doesn't exist. Some truly mercenary and evil dicks had the idea of periodically hijacking traffic, by sending surfers a bogus 'Not Found' page which leads to a series of nasty redirects and Java tricks.


Who is responsible for this scam?

It is important to note it is notthe fault of the individual webmaster of the site you are visiting, but rather the 'main' webmaster or host who the webmaster is using (,, etc). Direct your abuse to the host, not the poor webmaster at the end of the chain!


What does it do?

Seconds after you see the above screen, it will begin its nasty work by first planting 2 'time-bombs' on your desktop (see below for more on these bombs) which are temporarily 'locked', preventing you from clicking on them and bringing them up. You will then be redirected to either a junk search engine portal or a junk 'Thousands of Amateurs!' page which you should avoid using at all costs, as any clicks here actually reward the dicks who wrote and use this scam (and lead only to more spam anyway). On closing these trash pages you will be hit with an exit pop-up, so be ready to kill it with Alt+F4 or by using your mouse.


What is a 'time-bomb'?

These are the truly nasty part of the whole spam scam. Using Javascript, these 2 time-bombs sit on Windows' taskbar, hiding as legitimate browser window icons, waiting to spring into life later with all manner of pop-up hell. By the time they actually hatch and start their dirty work (usually a few minutes), you might have moved on from the site that planted them, so naturally you mistakenly blame an innocent site for the sudden flood of spam trash. The criminals escape scot-free! The worst part of the junk these dicks have forced onto your system (apart from the fact they profit from your grief) is the tendency for these bombs to crash your browser, or worse Windows, if your system is running close to maximum capacity.


 What can I do to escape it?

As soon as you see the 'Not Found' page (shown above), PRESS AND HOLD THE ESCAPE KEY, OR CLICK AND HOLD THE STOP BUTTON! Pressing or clicking once is NOT enough, as the dicks use the Refresh command to restart the process. You must be quick though, as you only have 1 to 2 seconds to act once that 'Not Found' page appears. Click the close button or press Alt+F4 to finish the job.


What can I do if it has already started its evil work?

Don't panic, it can be halted (even though the 'time-bombs' cannot be brought up by clicking on the taskbar icons).
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del. Look at the list of programs in the 'Close Program' window. You should see two, maybe three that are suspicious, usually shown as

Microsoft Internet Explorer...............................

Note the dots! (sometimes question marks are used) The dicks have otherwise tried to make the names of their spam windows as harmless looking as possible. Don't be fooled.

Now bring the cursor bar onto these, and one at a time click 'End Task'. Time-bombs defused.


What can I do to prevent it?

Disable Java and active scripting. See the section 'A simple way to protect yourself' at the main menu for details.