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Blind Links

One of the oldest tricks in the book, blind links appear to be normal links, usually plain text that says 'Home' , 'Next Gallery' , 'Enter' or 'Page 2', or are disguised as a small thumbnail, but are in fact nothing more than stripped down banners, which surreptitiously re-direct you to another site, usually one which pays the scamming webmaster a penny for his deceit.

Placing the mouse cursor above the link and reading the address in the 'status' bar (at the lower part of your browser) can give you a clue if you suspect it may be a blind link (read the 'IMPORTANT' warning below though). If the address of the link shown in the status bar is completely different to that shown in the address bar (i.e. an entirely different domain) then chances are it is a blind link and should be avoided. Another point which should make you suspicious are the letters 'cgi' or 'php', or a question mark, (or both) in the link's address.

e.g. A link that says 'Next Gallery' points to this address-

This example indicates the webmaster 'tigershark' is getting a penny for his blind-refering you to ''. (Note that 'cgi' or a question mark in a normal banner's address is OK as it is a method of informing the site where the hits are coming from)


The address of a clickable link (as shown in the status bar of your browser) is usually but NOT ALWAYS where you will go if you click that link. It is very easy for the webmaster to completely hide the true destination, or even to change it to whatever he wants to show you!

If -

> you suspect a link is a blind link, or
> the webmaster is making the link's address 'invisible', or
> the webmaster is hiding the link's address behind text like 'Welcome' (or worse, that annoying scrolling text),

then you can find the link's actual address by the following method:

For text links and some button graphics:
1/ Right-click on the link
2/ Click 'Properties'
3/ Read what is written next to 'Address URL'

For banners/thumbnails:
1/ Right-click on the banner/thumbnail
2/ Click 'Copy shortcut'
3/ Paste the copied link by first clicking inside the address bar, then while holding the mouse above the address bar, Right-click -> Paste (or Ctrl+V) and read it

If it's different to what was displayed on your browser's status bar when you held your mouse above the link, then the webmaster is deceiving you.
If you find right-clicking does not bring up a menu, it indicates the webmaster has used Java script to disable it. What this means is you should get the hell away from that site. Quickly. (Some really nasty webmasters actually reprogram the mouse with Java scripting to automatically divert you to another site when you right-click.) 

 Another blind link trick uses a bogus dialog box like this one -

which the spammer positions using a certain HTML trick so that it partially covers other banners or text, giving it the appearance of a genuine dialog box. In reality it is nothing more than a redirecting banner. Position your mouse cursor over this box and notice your mouse cursor changes to indicate a link. A genuine dialog box will never do this.