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Surfing safely at adult forums and BBS's


As most surfers would know, adult forums and BBS's unfortunately tend to be a magnet for the dross of the penny-collecting spammer brigade, some of whom hammer the same sites daily using automated software.

These pointers should alert you to a post being suspicious:

- The use of all caps and/or exclamation marks in the post's subject, e.g "HOT XXX MOVIES!!!"

- The word 'lolita' appearing in the subject.

- The poster using a female's name

- One or more of the following in the address, which usually indicates the spammer is getting a penny from a 'sponsor' for the click -  


- An address with nothing after the .com or .net, which often indicates a paysite.           

 - The address first leading to a 'click-thru' page when you click it, that is, a page usually blank or containing a few trash-site banners, with a text link saying something like "Click here to continue" or "Enter here". If you do click then you are almost always then shuffled onto some other site via a referral code, which pays the spammer a penny for hauling you in.
Spammers often use the following free non-adult webspace providers for this purpose, so beware of an address containing one of the following:

- The address immediately redirecting to a completely different URL when you click the link. Watch your status bar (the horizontal gray bar on top of the bar containing the Start button, task bar, system tray, etc) and address bar when you first click a link, to spot this.

To state what should be obvious by now, you should never start clicking links at adult forums with Javascript enabled. Pop-up killing software has its uses, but can't protect you from all of the many novel and devious Javascript-powered spam techniques described elsewhere at this site that spammers will dump on you in their tragic quest for pennies. Even posts made by respectable posters can, for various reasons, lead to spam-sewage. Most websites posted at forums have their content reside at free adult webspace providers, obviously because the webmaster pays nothing for the service. The host (in theory) makes his profit from the advertising banners placed on the webmaster's site, but some simply get greedy. See the section 'Free Adult Web Hosts - Something's Fishy' for the tricks that some of these hosts get up to.