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The All-New BM Spam-o-rama

Welcome folks, one and all, to the new and improved, all-meat-no-preservatives BM Spam-o-rama.

BM are the owners of popular free adult webspace providers that include, and, among many others. Until recently they used the spam scam detailed in 'The Not Found / Tigershark spam scam' for pages of sites that were 'not found' (read - temporarily hijacked or deleted under suspicious circumstances). The original but (apparently) no longer used 'Tigershark' scam is described


No doubt any experienced adult surfer would have seen this screen lately:

Actual text varies slightly from time to time

Like the Tigershark scam it replaced, you will see this at BM hosted free adult websites which have had their unsuspecting webmasters' pages temporarily or even permanently hijacked.  If you had Javascript disabled, that would be as much as you would have seen - in fact you may have only seen a blank white screen without the two links.

If however you had Javascript enabled, as soon as you clicked Back or closed the window an oversized console would pop up. This first checks for a particular cookie on your system, which if it doesn't find or finds an expired cookie (meaning you haven't already been stung in the near past) then the whole spam-circus begins. It then loads a front for a junk teen site with links to an EXE dialer, as well as automatically initiating a download of this file to your system (just in case you missed the links wall-papering the page). Do NOT allow the download to proceed unless you are prepared to pay around $400 per hour for access to adult material available elsewhere for far less or even freely.

In addition, you will get 2 more pop-ups, one a small console (which at least has the decency to die completely when you close it), the other for one of the many 'exit-traffic' trash sites that litter the net. This latter pop-up, using an 'invisible' frame trick in an attempt to hide its HTML source, also spawns a 'Free life-time pass' trash site pop-up. Closing this trash site again spawns a similar site, this time in an oversized pop-up.

Also on closing or backing up from the main window is another pop-up which directs you to the infamous ExitFuel website via a referral code. This marks the beginning of a lengthy and devious sequence of spam which effectively turns the browser window into an ad-server, or a 'queen' which 'lays' time-bomb type pop-ups at certain intervals, usually one at a time, over a considerable period of time. During this time the window that the queen resides in remains 'locked', so that clicking on the taskbar's icon does not bring it up, preventing the novice user from killing it swiftly.

The first 'egg' to hatch is a small time-bomb pop-up with a short fuse,  which opens another two when you close it, each of these being non-adult advertisers, and both of the hit-and-run variety (i.e. open then minimize immediately).

A few minutes later the next pop-up is excreted, this one for a junk search engine portal, which when hatched also opens a rarely seen exitless type pop-up (these are described elsewhere and can be closed by pressing Alt-F4 despite the lack of the usual close icon).

About 10 minutes later another time-bomb is laid for yet another junk search engine portal, which this time uses an oversize console that hides your taskbar and system tray, forcing you to take action. This is followed 10 or so minutes later by another small pop-up, followed about 10 minutes after that by another small pop-up.

Altogether, at least 5 different 'daughter' pop-ups are spawned and hatched by the 'queen' over a period of time, some of these as pointed out spawning yet more generations of pop-ups. This is in addition to the 6 or so pop-ups that opened at the same time as the queen or shortly after, surely earning this vast flood of spam trash permanent notoriety - the authors of the main HTML even had the gall to put a 'copyright' notice in the code! In addition, the total amount of data downloaded to your computer (HTM, JPG & GIF files plus Java and ActiveX applets) due to this junk is between 1 and 2 megabytes - which is the final insult if you pay your ISP by the amount of data you download.

As with any time-bomb type pop-up, the queen spam-bitch window as well as any unhatched windows it has spawned can be put to death, even though the windows cannot be brought up by clicking on the taskbar icon.

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del. Look at the list of programs in the 'Close Program' window. You should see one or more entries that are suspicious, shown as

                     Microsoft Internet Explorer

Note the leading spaces!
Now bring the cursor bar onto these, and one at a time click 'End Task'. It may take a few seconds, and you may see a window saying 'This program is not responding'. If you do, click 'End Task' again.

Now repeat after me -
"I must not surf adult sites with Javascript enabled"



The free adult webspace providers,,, and are also now using the same spam technique described here, although I'm unaware of any affiliation between them and BM.

One of the advertisers featured in many of the pop-ups is the notorious GoHip. Click here if you don't know the low-down on the questionable practices of this company.