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A simple way to protect yourself


Disable Java and Javascripting!

This will spare you most of the tricks that spammers use, like pop-ups, time-bombs, right-click disabling, URL hiding, loading of most malicious applets, back-key hijacking, etc. Simply follow this procedure for Microsoft Internet Explorer. (Netscape users see below)

1/ Select Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Custom Level

2/ Scroll down to Microsoft VM

3/ Under Java Permissions select the Disable Java radio button

4/ Scroll further down to Scripting

5/ Under Active Scripting select the Disable radio button.

6/ Under Scripting of Java applets select the Disable radio button.

7/ Click OK for both windows

Be aware that you will probably need to re-enable these options later if you want to surf certain non-adult sites e.g. on-line banking, some e-mail services, etc. (Hotmail is notorious for refusing to work without Java script on; for this reason I don't recommend using Hotmail)
Alternatively you can select 'Prompt' instead of 'Disable' in steps 5 and 6 above, which means when a page requests a Javascript (Activescript) access, IE will ask you "Scripts are usually safe. Do you want to allow scripts to run?". This gives you the option of barring Javascript on a case-by-case basis (of course you click 'No' if you are at an untrusted site)

Another option, should you have plenty of RAM, is to run IE and Netscape together, using IE set up as above in 'paranoid' mode for adult sites, and Netscape in default (Javascript enabled) mode for non-adult sites.

There are also popup-stopping programs available, some free. However, these cannot prevent the many other spammer's tricks which the disabling of Javascript provides.

To disable Javascript in Netscape:

1/  Click Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced

2/ Uncheck the Enable Java and Enable Javascript boxes 

3/ Click OK

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