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Thanks for visiting our page... This page will be used for tons of cool stuff such as showcasing out rides, giving info and the occasional do it yourself home depot style intake shit! More to come all the time so keep yourself posted with San Diego's hottest upcoming import crew........

Alex's 1991 MR2 Turbo

Mods: Rare ARC Super Induction Box, Blitz Dual Drive BOV, HKS Super Dragger Dual Exhaust, Blitz Downpipe, Metal Hardpiping, ACT HD press plate street disk, Auto Meter Ultra Light A/F and Boost Gauges, HKS FCD, Blitz JDM Turbo Timer, Apex'i SAFC2 Drift Edition, MSR 17" Wheels Gunmetal w/ machined lip, Hankook Low Profile Tires

Soon to Come.....(seriously) CT26 Stage 2 upgrade?, RC 550cc Injectors, Custom Intercooler setup, JDM Coilover suspension, Tubular Manifold, External Wastegate, Apex'i AVC-R, Takata, driled sloted disks (all 4), JDM toms CF scoops, short throw shifter, strut bars, sway bars, engine lid fans, headlight upgrade (canyon racing this is a must) many more gauges, (exaust temp, oil temp, oil press, volt) roll bar/cage, stikky iccy tires. maybe strenthin internals or just swap it all over to a JDM engine latter or tell it goes BOOM!