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Your business could be flyin' high! Hot Air Balloon Advertising with SkyScapes!

Do you need a promotional tool for your business? Can you picture looking into the sky and seeing your business name on this balloon? Get more exposure for your name and keep it in the forefront by placing a business banner on our hot air balloon. Whether it be a balloon banner or basket banner, we can fly your name all over town!

Another great tool to promote your business is to tether a hot air balloon at your business announcing a grand opening or special event! Who could miss this "gentle giant" inflated at your event?

Contact us for more information.

Oscar Mayer Hot Air Balloon Hot Air Balloon Advertising Advertising your business on a hot air balloon

Cold Air Balloon Rentals

Our large advertising balloons target your most potential customer-- THOSE WHO PASS BY YOUR LOCATION. Advertising balloons are an outstanding way to promote product or company, special events, grand openings, trade shows, promotions or product launches. Attract IMMEDIATE attention. Rent our cold airs by the day, week or by the month!

We Provide a Full Service Including:

  • Installation of cold air balloon at site
  • Assistance with banner if needed
  • Assistance with permit upon request
  • 24 hour service to monitor and maintain
  • Removal of cold air from site

Contact us for more information.

Hot Air Balloon Advertising Advertise your business with a hot air balloon Re Max Hot Air Balloon


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