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Production Orders

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Vickers Armstrong (Castle Bromwich)Ltd Contract no.B981687/39/C.23(c) First order for 1000 Spitfire MKII. Dated 12 April 1939.

Serial allocations-P7280-7329, P7350-7389, P7420-7499, P7490-7509, P7520-7569, P7590-7629, P7661-7699, P7730-7759, PP7770-7789, P7810-7859, P7880-7929, P7960-7999, P8081-8049, P8070-8099, P8130-8149, P8160-8209, P8230-8279, P8310-8349, P8360-8399, P8420-8449, P8460-8479, P8500-8549, P8560-8609, P8640-8679, P8690-8729, P8740-8759, P8790-8799.

Built as MkIIA/IIB/VA/VB between June 1940 and July 1941. First delivered P7280 27 June, last P8799 21 July 1941.

Second order for 500 Spitfire MK1. Dated 22 June 1940.

Serial allocations-AB779-828, AB841-875, AB892-941, AB960-994, AD111-140, AD176-210, AD225-274, AD228-332, AD348-397, AD411-430, AD449-478, AD498-517, AD535-584.

Built asMk VB between July and November 1941. First delivered AB780 25 July, last AD 583 & 584 23 November 1941.

Third order for 1000 SpitfireMkIII. Dated 24 October 1940.

Serial allocations- BL231-267, BL285-304, BL311-356, BL365-391, BL403-450, BL461-500, BL509-551, BL562-600, BL613-647, BL655-699, BL707-736, BL748-789, BL801-833, BL846-864, BL887-909, BL918-941, BL956-998, BM113-162, BM176-211, BM227-274, BM289-329, BM343-386, BM399-430, BM447-483, BM508-543, BM556-597, BM624-653.

Built as MkVB between November 1941 and May1942. First delivered BL231 23 November1941, last BM653 16 May 1942.

Fourth order for 904 Spitfire Mk V. Dated 23 August 1941.

Serial allocations-EN763-800, EN821-867, EN888-932, EN944-981, EP107-152, EP164-213, EP226-260, EP275-316, EP327-366, EP380-417, EP431-473, EP485-523, EP536-579, EP594-624, EP363-669, EP682-729, EP747-795, EP812-847, EP869-915, EP951-990, ER114-146, ER159-200, EN887 not allocated-error for EP887.

Built as MkVB & VC between April and August 1942. First delivered EN763 26 April 1942, last ER199 4 September 1942.

Fifth order for 750 Spitfire MkIV. Dated August 1941.

Serial allocations-ER206-229, ER245-283, ER299-345, ER461-510, ER524-571, ER583-626, ER634-679, ER695-744, ER758-791, ER804-834, ER846-894, ER913-948, ER960-998, ES105-154, ES168-214, ES227-264, ES276-318, ES335-369.

Built as MkVB &VC between August and December 1942. First delivered ER206 29 August 1942, last ES368 28 December.

Sixth order for 989 SpitfireMkVB. Dated 1 January 1942

Serial allocations-JG713-752, JG769-810, JG835-852, JG864-899, JG912-960, JK101-145, JK159-195, JK214-236, JK249-285, JK303-346, JK359-408, JK425-472, JK506-551, JK600-620, JK637-678, JK705-742, JK756-796, JK803-842, JK860-892, JK922-950, JK967-992, JL104-140, JL159-188, JL208-256, JL301-338,JL346-395.

Built as MkVC & IX between December 1942 and April 1943. First delivered JG713 10 December 1942, last JL395 21 April 1943.

Seventh order for 300 Spitire MkVC, originally ordered for South Marston in 1942 under Contract Air/194/CB.23(c) but transferred to Castle Bromwich contract on 23 April 1944. Dated March 1942.

Serial allocations-LA187-236, LA249-284, LA299-346, LA358-395, LA417-457, LA480-519, LA536-582. Cancelled 1943. Re-established same year for 120 Spitfire Mk21.

Serial allocations-LA187-236, LA249-284, LA299-332. Built as Mk21 between July 1944 and December 1945. First delivered LA188 6 September 1944, last LA332 2 January 1946.

Order then extended for delivery of 92 Seafire MK45 and 46.

Serial allocations-LA428-462, LA481-495, LA541-542.

Built as (1st 50 ) Mk45 at Castle Bromwich 1944-45; production then transferred to South Marston and LA541-564 completed as Mk46. Cancelled from contract LA565-582. First delivered LA429 1 March 1945, last LA499 10 January 1946 ( F45 ) Fist delivered LA541 5 November 1945, last LA564 9 May 1947 (F46 )

Eighth order for 680 Spitfire MkVC. Dated 28 Febuary 1942.

Serial allocations-LZ807-848, LZ861-899, LZ915-956, LZ969-998, MA221-266, MA279-315, MA328-369, MA383-428, MA443-487, MA501-546, MA559-601, MA615-657, MA670-713, MA726-767, MA790-819, MA831-863, MA877-906.

Built as Mk VC & IX between March and June 1943. First delivered LZ807 28 March 1943, last MA906 1 July 1943. 300 F MkV;380 F MkIX.

Ninth order for 2,190 Spitfire Mk VC. Dated 28 May 1942

Serial allocations-MH298-336, MH349-390, MH413-456, MH470-512, MH526-568, MH581-623, MH635-678, MH691-738, MH750-796, MH813-856, MH869-912, MH924-958, MH970-999, MJ114-156, MJ169-203, MJ215-258, MJ271-314, MJ328-369, MJ382-428, MJ441-485, MJ498-536, MJ549-589, MJ602-646, MJ659-698, MJ712-756, MJ769-801, MJ814-858, MJ870-913, MJ926-967, MJ979-999, MK112-158, MK171-213, MK226-268, MK280-326, MK339-379, MK392-428, MK440-486, MK499-534, MK547-590, MK602-646, MK659-699, MK713-756, MK769-812, MK862-868, MK881-926, MK939-969, MK981-999, ML112-156, ML169-216, ML229-277, ML291-323, ML339-381, ML396-428.

Built as Mk VC/IX/XVI between July 1943 and May 1944. First delivered MH298 1 July 1943, last ML427 29 April 1944. 2144 F Mk IX;46 F Mk VC.

Tenth order for 600 Spitfire Mk IX. Dated 1 December 1942.

Serial allocations-NG757-798, NG813-856, NG868-916, NG929-968, MG979-999, NH171-218, NH230-276, NH289-326, NH339-381, NH393-438, NH450-496, NH513-558, NH570-611. First 232 cancelled-109 NG757-798, NG891-856, NG868-890 15 November 1945, 123 NG891-913, NG926-968, NG979-999, NH112-127 cancelled as F Mk 22s 18 August 1945. 368 built as Mk IX between April and June 1944.

First delivered NH148 28 April 1944, last NH611 14 June.

Eleventh order for 800 Spitfire MkIX. Dated 2 June 1943.

Serial allocations-PK312-356, PK369-412, PK426-468, PK481-525, PK539-582, PK594-635, PK648-689, PK712-754, PK769-811, PK828-868, PK883-926, PK949-998, PL123-169, PL185-228, PL246-288, PL313-356, PL369-408, PL423-466, PL488-499.

Built as Mk IX and F 22 between June 1944 and December 1945. Production of F 22 transferred to South Marston. First delivered PK313 16 M arch 1945, last PL498 1 July 1944. Cancelled from contract-PK436-468, PK727-754, PK769-811, PK828-868, PK883-926, PK949-900, PK678-679, PK681-683, PK685-689, PK712-714, PK716-726 and completed as F 24 282 FMk IX;27 F 24; 260 F 22.

Twelfth order for 1,500 Spitfire Mk21. Dated 6 June 1943.

Serial allocations-PS938-987, PT103-150, PT163-203, PT220-267, PT281-335, PT338-380, PT395-436, PT451-498, PT523-567, PT582-627, PT639-683, PT697-738, PT752-795, PT818-859, PT873-915, PT929-970, PT986-999, PV115-160, PV174-215, PV229-270, PV283-327, PV341-385, PV399-441, PV452-510, PV524-570, PV581-628, PV638-688, PV694-739, PV752-797, PV820-865, PV879-919, PV934-984, PW112-122, PW134-158, PW173-196, PW221-250 cancelled contract later amended to 673 MkIX-

Serial allocations-PT355-380, PT395-436, PT451-498, PT523-567, PT582-627, PT639-683, PT697-738, PT752-795, PT818-859, PT873-915, PT929-970, PT986-999, PV115-160, PV174-215, PV229-270, PV283-327, PV341-359.

Above built as Mk IX and XVI between June and October 1944. First delivered PT335 28 June 1944. 688 F MkIX;5 converted to F MkXVI. Second amendment for 200 Griffon-Seafires ( 1944)

Serial allocations-PV734-739, PV752-797, PV820-865, PV879-919, PV934-984, PW112-122. Order cancelled 18 August 1945 before construction started. Third amendment for 14 Seafire Mk47 (1945). Productiontransferred to South Marston.

Serial allocations-PS944-957.Built as Mk 47 between June 1946 and November 1947.

Thirteenth order for 100 Spitfire MkIX. Dated 25 October 1943.

Serial allocations-RR181-213, RR226-265.

Built as Mk's IX and XVI between August and October 1944. First delivered RK799 16 August 1944, last RK925 11 October 1944.

Fourteenth order for 73 Spitfire Mk IX. Dated 16 November 1943.

Serial allocations-RR181-213, RR226-265.Built as MkIX and MkXVI between August and October 1944.

Fist delivered RR181 17 August 1944, last RK925 18 October. RR233 was deleted from the order after a collosion at Castle Bromwich.

Fifteenth order for 700 Spitfire Mk21. Dated 20 January 1944

Serial allocations-RV370-415, RV431-476, RV498-548, RV561-608, RV628-662, RV678-725, RV744-789, RV800-844, RV861-905, RV918-959, RV971-999, RW113-156, RW168-209, RW225-258, RW273-315, RW328-359, RW373-396. Contract cancelled August 1944 . Partially re-instated for 40 Spitfire Mk IX.

Serial allocations-RW344-359, RW373-396.

Built as Mk XVI between June and July 1945. First delivered RV345 26 June 1945.

Sixteenth order for 800 Spitfire Mk21. Dated 1 Febuary 1944.

Serial allocations-SL541-579, SL593-635, SL648-690, SL713-747, SL759-798, SL812-857, SL873-915, SL928-959, SL971-999, SM112-150, SM170-213, SM226-258, SM273-316, SM329-369, SM383-427, SM441-488, SM503-548, SM563-597, SM610-648, SM663-698.

Contract cancelled August 1944. Partially re-instated for 558 Spitfire Mk IX.

Serial allocations-SL541-579, SL593-635, SL648-690, SL713-747, SM135-150, SM170-213, SM226-258, SM273-316, SM329-369, SM383-427, SM441-488, SM503-548, SM563-597, SM610-648, SM663-671.Deleted from contract-SL566, SL572, SL593, SL603, SL606, SL612, SL619, SL667, SL677, SL682-684, SL686, SL714, SL716, SL722-723, SL726, SL729-732, SL734-744, SL746-747.

Built as Mk IX and XVI between September and November 1944.

Seventeenth order for 1,884 Spitfire Mk IX. Dated 19 April 1944.

Serial allocations-TA738-780,TA793-844, TA850-888,TA905-948, TA960-999, TB115-150, TB168-197, TB213-256, TB269-308, TB326-396, TB413-450, TB464-503, TB515-549, TB563-598, TB613-659, TB674-718, TB733-759, TB771-808, TB824-868, TB883-925, TB971-999, TD113-158, TD175-213, TD229-267, TD280-325,TD338-379, TD395-428, TD443-490, TD515-546, TD560-601, TD610-659, TD668-717, TD728-771, TD778-815, TD829-866, TD884-925, TD937-958, TD970-999, TE115-158, TE174-215, TE228-259, TE273-315, TE328-359, TE375-408, TE434-480, TE493-535, TE549-579.Serials betweenTD409 and TD951 cancelled on the 30 October 1944. Deleted from contract-TA841-843, TA852-853, TB194,TB350,351, TE386, TE472,TE579.

Built as MkIX and XVI between December 1944 and June 1945, first delivered TA793 29 November 1944,last TE578 23 June 1945. 850 F Mk IX; 632 F Mk XVI.

Eighteenth order for 276 Spitfire Mk IX. Dated 25 July 1944.

Serial allocations-TL773-815, TL829-870, TL884-916, TL930-967, TL979-999, TM115-136, TM163-205, TM218-251. Contract cancelled 30 October 1944 TM115 re-instatedas MkXVI and later cancelled August 1945.

Nineteenth order for 188 Spitfire Mk XVI. Dated 6 March 1945.

Serial allocations-TZ747-791, TZ815-843, TZ866-898, TZ921-957, TZ969-998, VA112-125.Contract cancelled 18 August 1945.

Twentieth order for 50 Spitfire Mk22. Dated 6 March 1945.

Serial allocations-VA201-250.Contract cancelled 18 August 1945.

Conract Air/5795/c.23(c). Order for 150 Spitfire Mk22Dated 15 November 1945.

Serial allocations-VN301-348, VN364-397, VN413-439, VN456-496

54 Incomplete airfranmes-VN301-334, VN477-496 transferred to South Marstonfor completion as F24 between April 1946 and Febuary 1948. Cancelled from contract VN364-397, VN413-439. First delivered VN301 13 April 1946, last Spitfire to RAF VN496 20 Febuary 1948. 31 built at Keevil; 1 Southampton; 19 Hursley Park; 1 not known.

Total no. of Spitfires built at the Factory was 11694 inc. SEAFIRES. Also seperate to that amount was 305 Lancaster Bombers.

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