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Sieu's Page
All About Me

My Days of Life

Name: Champ Sieu
Sex: Guy
Age: 16
D.o.b. April, 29/86
Ethnic: Cambodian/Mix
Location: 514 Area, Montreal

Me, Myself, I....

         Hello there, My Full name is Chan Phanat Sieu, but my friends call me "Chan"or "Champ" for short. I was born in the town of Chiburi, Thailand in 1986, April, 29. The year of 1990 I move east to Canada, in the province of Saskatchwan, city of Regina. Regina was a beautiful place, but 1998, we move to Montreal, Canada to live with our cousins and families. I find it even more Beautiful here, but the only problem for me was the french lauguage. It took me quite some time to understand, speak and write, but at the end I did manage it.

          My parents spoke Cambodia but they weren't from Cambodia. My dad was from Chinese origin and my mom was from Vietnamese origin. I don't speak all those lauguages but I only speak cambodian. I have one big family consisting of 5 sibling, 4 sisters and 1 little brother, whom I love dearly.

          I'm a person thats basically likes to do anything fun or new. I'm an adventerous person. I like to shoot pool and pretty good at it too. My future plans is that I want to be Engineer, specialize in Mechanicals and in Electronics. I also want to be future car racer. I'm into modifying cars and into fixing. I'm really into R/C Boats. I have Nitro Boat at home which cost me $2000 to get and still trying to make it go even faster. I try to make everyday the best day, Like they say "Enjoy life to the Fullest"