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Softcore Closed Realm USWest Non-Ladder:
If you are interested in purchasing one or several of the following items, please e-mail me with an offer of at least 50Ę at I will accept paypal only.
Uniques:NameItem TypeQuantityNotes
The Eye of Etlich
Skin of the VipermagiSerpentskin Armor1
RazortailSharkskin Belt1
Thundergodís VigorWar Belt1
Treads of CthonChain Boots1
Goblin ToeLight Plated Boots1
BurizaBallista1Socketed with a +22% Poison Resist; +Enhanced Damage Jewel
Langer BriserArbalest2
HellmouthWar Gauntlets1
MagefistsLight Gauntlets1
Blackhorn's FaceDeath Mask1
WormskullBone Helm1
Baranar's StarDevil Star2One socketed with a Shael; One socketed with an Amn
Rust HandleGrand Scepter1
MeatscraperLochaber Axe1
Dwarf Star2
Raven Frost2
Manald Heal2
Tiamat's RebukeDragon Shield1One open socket
Serpent LordLong Staff1
Blade of Ali BabaTulwar1Two clean sockets
Blade of Ali BabaTulwar1Socketed with Shael and Ort
The ScalperFrancisca1
Class Specific:
Titan's RevengeCeremonial Javelin2
Sets:NameItem TypeQuantityNotes
Aldurís Watchtower:
Aldurís AdvanceBattle Boots1
Cathanís Traps:
Cathanís SealRing4
Cleglawís Brace:
Cleglaw's ClawSmall Shield1
Cleglaw's PincersChain Gloves3
Immortal King:
Immortal Kingís Stone CrusherOgre Maul2
Orphanís Call:
Wilhelmís PrideBattle Belt1
Sigonís Complete Steel:
Sigonís WrapPlated Belt1
Sigonís VisorGreat Helm1
Sigonís ShelterGothic Plate2
Tal Rashaís Wrappings:
Tal Rashaís Horadric CrestDeath Mask3
Trang-Oulís Avatar:
Trang-Oulís WingCantor Trophy1
Rares:NameItem TypeQuantityNotes
Doom HoodCirclet1
Doom NooseAmulet1
Magic:NameItem TypeQuantityNotes
Bahamutís1+119 To Mana
Bahamutís1+107 To Mana
Bahamutís of Strength1+113 To Mana; +2 To Strength
Lizardís of the Locust16% Life Stolen Per Hit; +3 To Mana
Silver of the Locust16% Life Stolen Per Hit; +75 To Attack Rating
Snakeís of the Lamprey (7& Life Stolen Per Hit; +6 To Mana) Tangerine of the Lamprey (7% Life Stolen Per Hit; Lightning Resist +6%) Amulets: Angelís Greed (+1 To Sorceress Skill Levels; 37% Extra Gold From Monsters) Azure Luck (32% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items; Cold Resist +10%) Bahamutís (+114 To Mana) Shamanís (+1 To Druid Skills) Valkyrieís Greed (+2 To Amazon Skill Levels; 35% Extra Gold From Monsters) Runes: Amn x2 Lum Gems: Perfect Topaz x5 Charms: Small: Azure (Cold Resist +4%) Azure Shock (Adds 1-5 Lightning Damage; Cold Resist +4%) Emerald Dexterity (+2 To Dexterity; Poison Resist +10%) Fortune (4% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items) Inertia (+5% Faster Run/Walk) x6 Iron Inertia (+5% Faster Run/Walk; +24 To Attack Rating) x2 Iron Inertia (+5% Faster Run/Walk; +14 To Attack Rating) Lapis Life (+10 To Life; Cold Resist +6%) Lizardís Fortune (5% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items; +5 To Mana) Ocher Inertia (+5% Faster Run/Walk; Lightning Resist +6%) Russet (Fire Resist +6%) Sapphire Inertia (+5% Faster Run/Walk; Cold Resist +10%) Grand: Acrobatic (+1 to Passive And Magic Skills [Amazon Only]) Acrobatic Burning (+1 to Passive And Magic Skills [Amazon Only]; Adds 2-5 Fire Damage) Acrobatic Strength (+1 to Passive And Magic Skills [Amazon Only]; +5 To Strength) Fletcherís (+1 To Bow And Crossbow Skills [Amazon Only]) Misc: Full Rejuvenation Potions x4 Gold x123145 Horadric Cube x2