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Chris Cole - 9L - Science Coursework.

3 samples of;
Granny Smiths
Cooking Apple
Pink Lady
Weighing Scales to two decimal places
Watch Glass

The aim of our experiment was too see how much of a percentage of a an apple is water, we did this by taking 3 samples of various kinds of apples. We let the samples stay on a watch glass for a whole night and see how much water had been drained by evaporation.We weighed them and used a mathmatical method to calculate how much water was evaporated.The results were as follows:

The results of all apples are listed below:
Slice 1: 60 Slice 2: 80 Slice 3: 80
Pink Lady
Slice 1: 85 Slice 2: 80 Slice 3: 75
Granny Smith's (winner)
Slice 1: 76 Slice 2: 84 Slice 3: 90 (Overall best)
Cooking Apple
Slice 1: 89 Slice 2: 85 Slice 3: 82
Golden Delight
Slice 1: 76 Slice 2: 80 Slice 3: 78


We concluded after testing on each of the 12 apple samples that the Granny Smith's apple had the most water content. At first it didn't exactly have the highest amount of water but by slice 3 it had 90 ml of water, which was the winner. In second place was the Cooking Apple, it was more consistent than the rest with a range of 82-89, it nearly concluded this test as the winner!