spiritswolf 11:06PM 03/02/2003 " Stockmarket "

Ive been slackin here as im still moving but heres a quick uplift for ya....

LUPE! its climbing climbing climbing, go lupe go!

LOTS of stocks are on the rise! Should be some smiling face around here and i can hear a lot of muttered "about time" from the other marketers around neopets.

Of course while many that were down are now up some that were up are now down. thats the market for ya. Its also why i keep yellin DIVERSIFY.

Sadly one of the casualties of the moment is Tnah which has always been a rocket in the past just keeps falling off. It will climb back again someday but it may be a long wait. Thats the way it goes sometimes.

A few stocks floating around 15 and as always those are the ones you want to buy as long as you are not overstocked in them.

The Broker