spiritswolf 03:37PM 01/08/2003 " Stockmarket "

WOW! Looks like some amazing things have happened in the market while i was gone. That downward trend ive been expecting has hit with a vengence! Hope nobody jumped off the roof

BOOM is currently sitting at an amazing 22np a share.

LUPE has dropped to 13! THIRTEEN! To bad we cant buy it under 15 sigh.

BUZZ is currently sitting at 15 and has a history of reaching over 40 so it is a good buy and its about due.

BODA is at 15 so it could be a good buy but due to the fact that it just came down from a high spike i wouldnt count on it jumping again real soon.

JCK is at 19 and while not reaching the 15 we were hoping for it is puttering around there fairly close. We will keep an eye on it as it is almost due to spike again and may reach over 60.

NATN is at 17 and is about due for a spike but it has never broken 40 so would be a medium return at best.

SKBD is at 16. This is a good stock to consider right now. It has hit almost 70 in the past and is about due for a jump.

VPTS which likes to make big jumps up to around the 70 range is currently sitting at 15 and should make that jump in the next 2 or 3 months.

And those are the highlights for today. My recomendations are for BOOM, BUZZ, or SKBD. LUPE is unbuyable atm, VPTS is longterm, NATN is weak, BODA is another long tem.

My buy will be SKBD though BOOM is sorely tempting me. And on a sidenote you should always buy only one stock a day and buy it all at the same time as when you sell you will be charged a 20np commision by the chia broker. (dirty Chia's!) And ocassionaly (but Very Rarely) he will charge you per share! But that only ever happens when dealing whith the extremely high value stocks like TNAH. SW The Broker (bangs Gavel)

spiritswolf 03:47PM 01/08/2003 " Stock Alert! "

Buzz and BOOM have both just lost another point making BUZZ unbuyable. Lupe has lost anotther point.

People with LUPE stock dont worry! It will go back up eventualy. It is very rare for a stock to bottom out, they always rebound eventualy. NEVER sell for a loss. This is a longterm game we are talking about here for the most part.


spiritswolf 09:36PM 01/08/2003 " Stock Alert! "

SKBD has dropped to 15, lookin better all the time!