spiritswolf 02:38PM 01/29/2003 " Stockmarket "

Up and at'em you maggots! Grab your sox and drop your.....

Erm ahhh anyway....

Oh my, the majority of my portfolio is actualy starting to look green again lol. Many stocks are floating just under the unbuyable range so keep an eye on those for your buying in respect to whatever you need to expand your portfolio.

Of note today, Boda has made a nice 4 point jump up and BB has fallen a whopping 5. EEEE has fallen 3 and Lupe has dropped 1. Hopefuly just a step back before climbing again. Vpts and Boom are both up 2.

The Broker

spiritswolf 06:14PM 01/29/2003 " Stock Alert! "

Bott just hit 15. Buy it if you need some

spiritswolf 07:22PM 01/29/2003 " Re: Stock Alert! "

Bott dropped 1 to 14 and now its Skei sitting at 15 thats the good buy