spiritswolf 12:16AM 01/27/2003 " Stockmarket "


Starting out fairly well in a preverse kinda way. Boom and Vpts have both fallen and so are now in the good buy range at 16

EEEE is making a mad dash upwards and could be setting up for its spike run. It gained 9 points yesterday and is at 15. Id buy sdome if you dont have any.

All 3 stocks are a good buy.

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spiritswolf 09:35PM 01/27/2003 " Stockmarket "

and away we go....

Not a lot to report.

Boom is rising again, lets hope it shoots up a ways this time. Currently at 19.

Lupe has fallen 1 to 11 but that really dosnt mean much.

Vpts has dropped 3 to 14, EEEE dropped 1 to 14, and both are unbuyable.

BB is up 3 to 16, maybe the spike is coming, maybe not.

Skbd has climbed 5 to 12 and may be making a push. Will need to watch it.

Faer climbed 2 to 15 and is my hot buy for today.

If you have any PEOP for goodness sake sell it! I cant believe it has made it this high.

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spiritswolf 08:06AM 01/28/2003 " Re: Stockmarket "

Ok as of right now Boom has fallen back 1 But lupe has gained again. This steady trend in lupe has me hopeful.

Many stocks shifting slightly and most for the good. Skei fell 1 to 15, Vpts is up 1 to 15, and EEEE is at 16. All 3 are excelent buys.

Faer is up 2 to17, BB is holding at 16, Helt and Stfp are up 3 to 15. All good epansion stocks.

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