spiritswolf 07:19PM 01/23/2003 " Stockmarket "

From the highest to the lowest greetings and salutations are sent forth and all are robbed equaly.....

Many stocks are on the rise today but the big story was boom. Going from the unbuyable range and shooting up to 29 points in a matter of 2 days it has now fallen back to 20. Hopefuly just a step back before the 2 steps forward.

BB has fallen to 14.

Lupe has gained a little, Please keep rising!

Most other stocks in the market have gained a couple points.

Current buys are Tnah and Vpts at 16.

The Broker

spiritswolf 09:34PM 01/23/2003 " stock update "

Booma and Faer have regained 1 making Faer a good buy. Negg has dropped 1 to 15 making it an even better buy than 2hrs ago lol.

The Broker