spiritswolf 06:52AM 01/22/2003 " stock update "

Boom is still on the rise

The Broker

spiritswolf 08:25PM 01/22/2003 " Stockmarket "

Hear ye Hear ye, the market man aproaches.

Some improvement in the market in a few areas.

Boom is still on the rise and is up to 25. Im hoping its heading for at least 60 before it stops.

BB, Boda, and Negg are the buys of the day sitting at 15. Faer is also a fairly good buy at 16. Remember Diversification, so buy whatever you have the least of.

That nasty chia is dropping like a rock now and the amazing Tnah has fallen 48 points!

Lupe is up by 1 again and heres hoping it dosnt falter this time.

The Broker