spiritswolf 07:28PM 01/21/2003 " Stockmarket "

Greetings young and old, Naive and wise, Ageless and aged....

Many stocks are on the rise today:

Skei is up 1 at 19

Faer is up 1 to 18.

Boom is on the rise, up to 19 Go Go Go!

Boda and Natn have made it up to 16.

Bott is up to 14 and almost buyable again.

Buzz seems to be holding at 20, but will no doubt fall more soon. (My that was a lot of B's lol)

On the bad side: Lupe remains stubborn and sits @ 7 currently.

On a side note about 2 weeks back i almost suggested everyone buy chia as it was at 15 and had never really spiked well but then thought "Chia? uggg! How can i suggest that?" and now it sits at 35 sigh *note to self- Trust gut feelings more

So with that in mind im still going to suggest BB as a buying option again. Sitting at 15 for a while now and has never spiked.

Helt is also a good buy.

The Broker

spiritswolf 11:51PM 01/21/2003 " stock update "

Many stocks on the rise....

Boom has climbed to 21.

Boda and Natn have also gained a few.

The broker