spiritswolf 02:10PM 01/19/2003 " Stockmarket "

Interesting interesting.......

Greetings petpets and packmates, Some odd shiiftings in the market along with some good ones make me optomistic for the market in the near future.

Lupe is finaly on the rise again. All those peeps sweating the ton of stock they bought in it may have their dreams realized in the next week or so.

Lupe is on the rise and currently sits +3 @9.

Boom is holding at 18.

BB is at 15 and Tsrc sits at 16. Both are fairly good buys.

For purchases right now Boom Tsrc and BB are my picks for portfolio expansion but i am holding off for now and waiting to see where the market goes.

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spiritswolf 03:45PM 01/19/2003 " Re: Stockmarket "

Im buying Negg, it just dropped to 15.

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spiritswolf 10:06PM 01/19/2003 " stock update "

Not a lot of changes today.

Most of what went up came back down and Buzz is still dropping.

Faer is the only holdout staying up 5 at 20.

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