spiritswolf 04:39PM 01/16/2003 " Stockmarket "

Greetings petpets and packmates. So sorry for the long delays between updates but RL has been playin rough with me lately. Things will be MUCH better next week alowing me more time online.

In the market......

I hope everyone sold there Buzz like i suggested as its dropping like a rock now. Down to 25 a share. It may climb again but i wouldnt hold my breathe. Ocasionaly this stock will dip and rise to its high again but its not a regular thing. If you still have yours then your decision is even harder now. Sell at 25 and still make 10k profit, or hang onto it and hope it climbs again. On the upside it WILL climb again for sure it just may take a long time.

Boom is up to 17 and looks as if its on its reclimb again. Generaly a process that takes about a week or so.

Most of the other regular stocks are down in the unbuyable range. These include Boda, Natn, and Jck.

Stocks to buy atm are Boom, Vpts and Skei at 17, BB, and Bott around 16.

I suggest buying Bott to help spread your portfolio out a bit more and its due to rise soon.

The Broker

(Pokes Galen with the gavel) *poke poke*