spiritswolf 02:01AM 01/15/2003 " Stock Alert! "

Boom is down to 18.

Buzz is up to 30.

Which way did you go?


spiritswolf 03:22PM 01/15/2003 " Stockmarket "

Well well well look at buzz go. Bzzzzzzzz

Buzz is the big story of the day currently sitting at 33. (See i do knmow what im talkin about have a little faith lol) Feel free to sell anytime now, i really do not expect this to go anymore than between 35 and 40.

Also of serious note is Boom which has fallen to 16. My recomended buy of the day.

Stfp has hit 15 after its normal 2 month cycle up to around 30. Buy it for a long term (2 month hehehe) investment.

Tcag is also at 15 but generaly dosnt break 25 so is a poor investment unless your are hoping for the power spike it has yet to receive.

Cybu is another in about the same condition as Tcag but possibly worse. It has never cleared 20. But every stock seems to spike at least once so it may be worth a chance.

Jck and Faer are both at 14 and bare watching as both are good high return stocks with Faer due to peak soon.

BB has made a 2 point gain so if you bought some to diversify your ahead But your on your own as to when to sell as its not a very predictable stock and i hope you bought it looking for a spike.

Most of our other regular stocks such as Lupe, Skei, Boda, and Natn are holding fairly steady.

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