spiritswolf 06:27PM 01/14/2003 " Stockmarket "

Ok its a little late but here we go....

Boom apears to be holding steady at 20 and will prob make a big climb in the next few days.

Jck is up 1 to 16. Skei is up to 20. Natn has climbed to 18. And Boda is holding at 17. Not much shifting in these yet.

Buzz has shot up to 24, I wouldnt buy anymore of it. You now have a few choices where you want to go with it. You can sell it if you bought it at 15 and make a nice 9k profit. You could then sit back and hope this is a mini spike before the BIG spike and hope it drops down then rebuy it. It has done this several times before. Or you can just sit on it hoping its the big spike and is going to keep climbing. Your financial status can help determine which route you want to take. Normaly I would just sit on it but i think this time ill take a chance and sell for a rebuy. What you do is up to you.

Lupe has dropped more... Sorry about this guys i expected it to climb by now. We will just hafta hang in for the long haul for now. On the bright side it has only ever dropped like this once before and then it went to 120, though i doubt ill wait that long before selling.

BB has managed to climb to 15 and you may want to buy some to diversify your portfolio a bit. Normaly it runs around 10 but looks like it spikes about every 5-6 months to the 50ish range and may be due in the next month or so, but its a bit of an unknown.

Tip: Diversification is one of the tricks to keeping the market from beating you down and ruling you. Many of you peeps just starting in the market will prob have 3 different stocks at the most in your portfolio which will severely limit you. Its often a good idea to have a little of everything so you can roll with the market better. Until you get to that point just keep trying to build your portfolio.

The Broker

spiritswolf 08:38PM 01/14/2003 " Stockmarket "

No major changes in the last 4 hrs.

Im off to bed. Cya all in about 4hrs (if i can wake up lol).