spiritswolf 02:08AM 01/13/2003 " Stockmarket "

greetings all and sundry. in todays news....

Boom is on the wane dropping to 28 down 14 points from yesterdays high. should it get down in the low 20 range it will be ahot buy.

vpts and skei are both holding at 20 after slow increases yesterday, hoping for more of the same.

Boda and natn have both made it back up to 15 and are buyable again.

Jck is holding steady at 15 and remains a good loooooong term investment.

Buzz has fallen to 19 after its monster climb to 21 yesterday. A step back once or twice is fairly normal before a spike.

My recomendations are for Jck long term or Boda atm. Im going to wait a bit and see what the market does, let you know what i do this afternoon.


The Broker

spiritswolf 12:42PM 01/13/2003 " Re: Stockmarket "

Everything eems to be holding fairly steady from this morning yet. Im holding off on buying for now to see what transpires. Hopefuly Boom will drop another 5 points or so and ill buy that.

The Broker