AAVL 9 +2 BB 12 +2 BBBB 0 +0 BODA 13 +2 BOOM 36 -5 BOTT 7 -3 BUZZ 14 +2 CHIA 13 +2 CHPS 9 +0 COFL 8 +1 CYBU 18 +1 DROO 6 -1 EEEEE 7 +1 FAER 11 +1 FISH 7 -1 FUZZ 7 -1 HAKA 0 +0 HELT 17 +1 HUW 16 +0 JCK 16 +0 KATE 0 +0 KAUF 16 -3 KBAT 19 +1 KSON 19 -1 LUPE 10 +0 MYNC 36 -1 NAKR 35 -4 NATN 14 +0 NEGG 7 -2 NTV 0 +0 PDSS 19 -1 PEOP 48 +2 POWL 12 +0 SHRX 10 -1 SILL 0 +0 SKBD 9 -2 SKEI 19 +4 SMUG 14 +2 SSS 12 +1 STFP 14 -6 SWNC 12 +0 TAG 12 +0 TCAG 20 +0 TEFV 0 +0 TNAH 252 +10 TPEG 11 -1 TPP 7 -2 TSRC 20 -3 UNIB 36 -7 VPTS 18 +1 YIPP 11 +0

spiritswolf 01:20PM 01/12/2003 " Stockmarket "

Well its been a wild day in the market so far. After reaching a high of 42 several times yesterday Boom is now sitting at 36np. If you dont have the np or the patience to wait for the long haul this is prob the stock for you. Lately its bouncing up down faster than a yoyo and is a fairly easy way to make small amounts of np quickly (for the market).

Vpts is up 2 points from yesterday to 18 and may be begining its long upward climb to the spike but will prob stall out once around 30 or so, dip back, and then climb again. Still a good stock to buy, and one you may want to keep your eye on.

Skei is up 4 points today to 19. Who remembers when i said it was due to climb about a week ago If you have it feel free to sell it if you need the np badly but im in for the long haul and waiting for the spike.

Boda, Natn, Buzz, and Skbd remain unbuyable but most are working their way back up again.

Jck is holding steady at 16 and remains a good buy.

Lupe is still stuck at 10. When it goes up i expect it to go up big.

Some other stocks you may want to consider are Smug if it reaches 15 its about due for a run and a lot of marketers ahve been purchasing Cybu on the theory that its due for a monster spike because it has never broken 18 in the past.

For me, im holding off for now and just waiting to see what the market does. Not buying atm and just keepin an eye peeled (MMmmmmm chia EyeScream) "oh, Nigel. Where did you run off too?"


The Broker

(thunk thunk)

spiritswolf 01:50PM 01/12/2003 " Re: Stock Alert! "

Ok, some peeps dont seem to be getting this so im going to say it again. The market is a LONG TERM game. If you cant aford to leave np sitting around for long periods of time, possible even months sometimes, Dont Play! Ocassionaly you will get lucky and a stock may climb rapidly but most of the time you will be looking forward to seeing your np sitting there idly waiting and waiting for that big return. It will happen but it takes TIME. It pays huge in the long run but it can be stressful. And there are NO gaurantees. If you STILL want to play, plan on workin hard to keep makin more neopoints so your not always broke till the big one rolls in or play the quick stocks like boom.

Now quit whining like a chia and be a Lupe.


The Broker

spiritswolf 03:39PM 01/12/2003 " Stock Alert! "

Jck just hit 15, good long term investment