spiritswolf 10:49AM 01/11/2003 " Stockmarket "

Of note so far today....

Most stocks holding fairly steady today.

Boom has dropped 2 to 35 but that is most likely just a pause before a climb.

Jck has dropped 2 to 17 and bears watching along with Vpts. Both remain good long term investments.

Skei has fallen 2 to 15 and is the best buy at the moment.

Lupe is stuck at 10 (Grrrr)

Natn is at 15, buy it now if you like that stock.

Buzz, Boda, and Skbd remain under 15 and unbuyable.

Im buying a 1000 shares of Skei and suggest the same. Gle1


The Broker

spiritswolf 02:41PM 01/11/2003 " Stock Alert! "

Boom is making a sudden rise!

If you have any keep your eye on it. Its already at 40. If you hit a 100% increase it will be time for you to start thinking about selling it.


spiritswolf 10:10PM 01/11/2003 " stock update "

Slow day again in the market.

Except for boom not a lot happening.

Boom is currently at 40 and has been as high as 41 today. Lots of jumping around by this stock.

Most of our other stocks atm are unbuyable except for skei at 15 (which is todays recomended stock buy) and Jck which finaly came down to 16.


The Broker