spiritswolf 04:41PM 01/10/2003 " Stockmarket "

Greetings and salutations packmates.

The market is off to another slow day today with few major changes of note. I will spin out the remarkable ones and the ones that relate to us here.

Boom is holding steady at 34. If you have some hang on to it, it should go higher.

Stocks that have gained 1 are: Vpts to 16, and Lupe to 12.

Boda, Natn, Buzz, and Skbd have all fallen below 15 and so are unbuyable at the moment. Jck has fallen 1 to 18.

Skei has climbed to 18.

If you are determined to buy stock today then get some Vpts. Its a good longterm investment. Otherwise just stay loose for now and watch what the stocks do, sell in your shop, and play games to recover some of what you spent on stocks so you can buy more later. Remember this can seem like a slow way to make np but when it hits it will hit you big. Also it takes money to make money.


The Broker

(bangs Gavel)

spiritswolf 12:55AM 01/11/2003 " Stockmarket "

and in the early aerly news.....

Lupe has dropped 2 to 10.... Climb drat you!

Boom is up to 38 and should go higher still

Natn is back to 15

Vpts is up to 17, srtill a good stock to buy.

Boda, Buzz, and Skbd are all under 15 so remain unbuyable. If one should happen to reach 15 today i would buy it quick.

A new stock to think about is Cybu which is sitting at 15. It jumps up and down a lot so is a nice quick stock if you are looking to make a couple knp fast. Also it has never spiked high so it might be worth buying 1k to see if it will, most stocks do sometime but this never has.

Vpts is still my buy if you cant wait till later in the day.


The Broker

ok I know this was actualy posted the next day but it was so close who cares lol