spiritswolf 11:58PM 02/24/2003 " Stockmarket "

The market is up the market is down, we all feel the pressure and fall to the ground.

ok lame but thats the mood im in and youll just hafta deal with it hahahahahaaha~

Boom has dropped back to 32. What tbhis means is anyones guess as the market is so screwy anymore. It was common for stocks to rise then dip before skyrocketing so that may be the future or it may just flop. I sold mine as anytime i make 100% its a good thing.

Faer may be worth investing in again as it has dropped to 16.

Tnah has fallen again to 138. This is way below its normal range which just goes to show how screwed up the market is lately.

Tsrc is up 15!

That nasty Chia is up 6 and skbd is down 6. Its a conspiracy i say a conspiracy!

Lots of stocks hovering below 17 so take your pick.

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