spiritswolf 07:45AM 02/23/2003 " Stockmarket "

Majority of the stocks are back down again (grrrrr) But a few are making good jumps.

Boom has managed to gain another point (25), is this the precursor to the big return? who knows, lets just keep our fingers crossed.

Vpts has made a hefty jump up 6 points to 28. Go Go Go!

Swnc has climbed 9, Kbat is up 6, and Tnah is up 5.

and those are the highlights.

On a side note me and giigglez are finaly setting up our own domain on the net so be prepared to see the stockpage moved to www.TruSpirit.net sometime in the near future. Also with Galen partnering we hope to get a BD message board set up with tips and tactics for the Pack. (if i can ever get this php formatting licked and my dns registration goes through) But this will all be at least a week into the future.

The Broker