spiritswolf 01:07AM 02/15/2003 " Stockmarket "


Tnah has taken a dip back below 200 after a quick jump up. This is not unusual and can actualy be a good thing as you can have another shot at buying it. At 179 its a gamble but usualy pays off.

Skei has been holding at 20 for about a week now, it should get moving one direction or another pretty soon.

Vpts has also been tinkering around and is currently sitting at 24. It apears to be doing the slow gain method. Some stocks will be sneaky like this sometimes and climb slowly when nobody is paying attention to it.

Tag is doing pretty much the same thing, sitting at 20 now and has slowly been gaining.

Tnah is the best bet for a huge return if you can aford it. Otherwise hold off and see what happens.

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