spiritswolf 12:28AM 02/09/2003 " Stockmarket "

The weekend Report.

Not much happened saturday so there were no postings. The only items of interest were Faer and Huw falling. Saturdays are always slow.

Today starts out fairly normal. Many stocks up or down a few points.

Lupe has been doing its regular tease act this weekend, acting like it will maybe shoot up there then falling back. Grrrrrrr

Boom keeps hovering around that 20 mark, heres hoping it will shoot up soon.

Newcomer Fish may be making a push as its up 3 to 118.

Vpts has dropped 4 to 19 after reaching 23, was hoping it was going to make a run at a spike but oh well.

Jck and Pdss are at 15 as the best buys.

The Broker

spiritswolf 11:39PM 02/09/2003 " stock update "

Helt Huw and Pdss are at 15 if you are looking to make a quick buy brfore the tommorow clock comes around