spiritswolf 02:51PM 02/06/2003 " Stockmarket "

Well well well, since peeps seem to be coming alive ill start the report.

Of note today....

Boom and Jck are up to 19 at the moment.

Vpts is up at 18.

Huw has made a nice climb to 30.

Boda is still pushing and is at 26.

Another dark horse, Kbat, has made it to 47.

Faer has gone insane and made it all the way to 80.

Powl, Tag, Tpp, Fish, Helt, and Pdss are all at 15 so buy a 1000 shares of whichever you dont have.

A note on the market: Generaly, past research is becoming less reliable as a guide to buying because the market seems to be doing a complete flip flop for the most part. Many gaurunteed reliable stocks of the past are now faltering and stocks that sometimes rarely broke 15 are now rocketing into the high range. So now more than ever you need to diversify your portfolio by buying many different types instead of amassing just one. I dont suggest buying more than 5k shares of any 1 stock until these new patterns are resolved. And remember when you sell and what you buy is up to you. These posts are simply here to help guide you and offer you some friendly advice. The WLP and myself can gauruntee you no results. Always buy low, sell high, and anything over a 100% profit is gravy.


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