spiritswolf 03:17PM 02/01/2003 " Stockmarket "


Well the cable here went poof about 1amNPST so i lost over a whole day! grrrrr We only got it back up a little earlier today.

Didnt miss to much from the look of things though there were a few changes.

Faer is currently sitting at 31! If you bought it at 15 youve now more than doubled your np. This stock has spiked in the past as high as 90 with mini spikes at 60 and 32. Normaly id hang on and hope for the power spike but as im extremely low on np and many other stocks are so low right now im going to sell at least 1/2 of my Faer stock and reinvest it. What you do is up to you but i really dont expect a super spike from this stock since the last was only about 40 days ago. I recomend selling most if not all of what you have in it.

Lupe dropped some but apears to be climbing again.

Boom and EEEE both currently sit at 15 and are the best buys with Tcag coming in third at 16. Buy whatever you have the least stock in.

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spiritswolf 04:10PM 02/01/2003 " stock update "

Boom is now up 1 to 16 and Vpts is also buyable at 15.

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