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Intro to Transcription

This course is instructed by means of the

This course is designed for Internet learning. There are fifteen lessons,and each lesson has a deadline. Exams and deadlines are listed on each individual Lesson Plan. Refer to the syllabus for directions on meeting deadlines. At the end of each lesson,will have an assignment and possibly a quiz, make sure you read the Lessons very carefully.

You may work from home or from a computer lab—anywhere you have Internet access and feel comfortable. Like all self-directed learning, you will take away from this course exactly what you put into it. You will need an e-mail address so that the instructor can answer your questions and send you course materials when you are ready. Your first task is to e-mail your instructor at marygjernes@yahoo.com and give her your e-mail address. Do this now.

Next, read the course syllabus so that you understand what is required in this course and how it will work. Then you will be ready to begin. Look at Lesson 1.

Chapter 1 Worksheet

Lesson 2

Chapter 2 Worksheet

Chapter 3 Worksheet

Lesson 3

Chapter 4 Worksheet

Lesson 4

Chapter 5 Worksheet

Chapter 6 Worksheet

Chapter 7 Worksheet

Lesson 5

Chapter 18 Worksheet

Chapter 17 Worksheet

Chapter 9 Worksheet

Lesson 6

Chapter 8 Worksheet

Lesson 7.

Chapter 10 Worksheet

Chapter 11 Worksheet

Chapter 12 Worksheet

Chapter 13 Worksheet

Lesson 8

Chapter 14 Worksheet

Chapter 15 Worksheet

Chapter 16 Worksheet

Lesson 9

Lesson 10

Lesson 11

Chapter 19 Worksheet

Lesson 12

Chapter 20 Worksheet

Lesson 13

Lesson 14

Lesson 15