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Dear Len,

Hi, how have you been? Me ha, well I have had a thousand things racing through my mind. And I really need someone to talk to and so I figured whom else then my trusty pal Lenny. Well I am sure you know this already, but Marie is sick and she needs to see a doctor. Marie has only seen a medicine man though. She also doesnít want Frank to give her a check up and she what she has come down with. Well, surely you know this isnít that big of a deal, and you are probably wondering why I am really writing to you. Ya see I overheard my parents talking about why Marie didnít want Uncle Frank in the room with her. Marie told my mom that Frank has molested other Indian girls from her reservation. Why would he do such a thing, what would posses him to do that? I am not sure what to do; I am lost, confused, but mostly scared. Not scared for me, but for Marie, what if my uncle did something to Marie? Or is he even going to do something to her, how could he? How could he do such a thing, he has a beautiful wife at home that loves him very much. What is he thinking, what is going on through his sick head? Well I am sure you donít have the answers to all of my questions but I feel a lot better now because I got that off my back. Thank you for listening to me. Oh, and one more thing, donít tell ma and pa I know anythingÖplease. Thanks again Lenny!


David Hyden