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Montana 1948

Montana 1948

Index Letter

Dear Ben,

A lot has happened since we last talked, and I thought that you would like to know all that has gone on. It all started with Marie, a young girl that came to work for my parents. Marie got sick and needed immediate care, but because she was an Indian, she was only used to seeing a medicine man. When Uncle Frank came to see what was wrong with her, everything began to unfold. Marie told my mom that Frank had molested other women from the reservation. My mom. believed her, but my dad thought that they were just being superstitious. My dad then had to investigate the situation, and he found out that what Marie told them was true. Uncle Frank then decided that he didn’t want the rumors of what he did to these women to get out, so he murdered Marie. So, my father had to arrest Frank, and he kept him in the basement of our house. One night I woke up to glass bottles crashing on the floor and wall. I ran downstairs to find out that my uncle was destroying all of the canned foods my mom and Marie had worked on. My parents told me it was no big deal and that I should go back to sleep. The next morning when my dad went downstairs to give Uncle Frank his coffee, I heard him yell, “Oh, no! Oh my god, no!” Frank had slit his wrists with the broken bottle pieces. After the murder and suicide in our home, my mother decided we needed to leave Bentrock and move on with our lives.

-David Hayden