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“Mr. Watson you are the author of Montana 1948 and I was wondering if you could answer some questions I have?”

“Yes, Frank I will answer them as well as I can for you.”

“Why did you make me an Indian molester?”

“Well Frank I thought I would show people that even though you are a big name in Bentrock, not even you could get away with molesting a poorer kind of people. Someone was reading this book and knew of someone, that is molesting some one that they should turn him in, even if they are a powerful person in their community.”

“Did you ever have any experience with something like this in your life time?”

“Yes, I did Frank. When I was a little boy I knew a person that did take advantage of some people just because he thought no one would care if he did. He used his power in the community to give him leverage on others.”

“Did he end up killing himself like I did in the story?”

“No he ended up going to jail for the rest of his life.”

“Thanks Mr. Watson for answering my questions for me.”

“Your welcome and I will see you later Frank.”