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My Power Points

Greetings from Maryline Peacock,

For those of you who have used my Power Point presentations in the past, I am sorry to say, they are no longer on the web at this time.

I have retired from the South Dakota school where I had been teaching and it is the policy of South Dakota that when a teacher retires his/her web pages are discontinued - no matter their worth to others.

Thank the hundreds of you who have emailed me about the value of my presentations to your students. It is truely heartwarming when someone takes time to tell another that their work is worthwhile.

I will be reposting my Power Points on the web along with others that I am developing not only in Math but in Science, Language, and other subjects.

When they are reposted on the web, I will make note of it here - and they will stay posted for you to use for many years.