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Lucky Brand Jeans Suck!
Buyer Beware!
 I have established this web page to warn other consumer about Lucky Brand Jeans. In my opinion, they are poorly made jeans and they have the worst return policy that I have ever seen in the retail industry. I purchased their jeans in one of their Lucky Brand Stores. The jeans seem to fit well as I tried them on in the store. However, after I returned home and washed the jeans they were so poorly made that they shrunk, considerably. I attempted to return the jeans for a larger cut style and the store manager refused to allow me to exchange the jeans. Now, I have a pair of jeans that I cannot wear and I'm out the cost of the jeans. I have visited many different department store and everyone of them stands behind their products. Since the jeans are so poorly made, I see why Lucky Brand doesn't stand behind their jeans. Please visit my alternative links below and support companies who support their products and the consumer.
 Alternatives to Lucky Brand Jeans: Voice your Lucky Brand opinions at: Epinions
File a complaint at the Better Business Bureau: Better Business Bureau

UPDATE: This company has an unsatisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau for failing to respond to customer's concerns.
Lucky Brand Jeans Corporate Information
Lucky Brand Dungarees
5233 Alcoa Avenue
Vernon, CA 90085
Tel: 323-282-4100
 This site is not affiliated with Lucky Brand Jeans. The Lucky Brand Jean name is a trademark of the Lucky Brand Jeans Company.

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