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Song of the moment...

this song just happens to be by the bass player of blur, the band who did my last song of the moment. he is also the one who sang on my last song, and i think wrote it too. this is purely coincidence because i just found out last night that he has solo albums, and that it was him singing on "tender". i heard this song on my college tv station and loved it, so i got the lyrics, which totally rock! the song is super simple, which is what makes it so cool, and i can totally feel some of the lines, so i am way into this song.

"I Wish" by Graham Coxon:

I wish the music would play by itself
Shredded fingers, no ideas.
I wish this rainy day could be the last
Could the world end, what a god send.
I wish I could stop wishing you were here
But I don't want to, cos I still want you.
I wish I didn't feel so flippin mad
Don't wanna scare you, just wanna love you.
I wish my life could last a thousand years
Then I'd be clever, and build a heaven.
I wish I could bring Nick Drake back to life
He'd understand, hold my hat band.
I wish a constant stream of happy shit
Live forever, in world of leather.
I wish the rain would just leave me alone
I can't wear that, stupid rain hat.
I wish I was in Californ-I-A
Perno perfurme, in the Danube.
I wish the thing of love meant just one thing
Cinderella, salmonella.

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