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I am planning a major redesign, content makeover, etc of this site, but will be out of the country for a couple months, so it will have to wait till the end of the summer. for now please check out the UCI show photos, i am very happy with how they turned out. check back in september and hopefully you will find a better site, if i actually follow through with my plans. there will at least be new photos added from the cd release party at tower, so be patient and you will be rewarded.

Formerly known as Kara's Flowers, this awesome band has since changed their name twice - to Maroon, and then to Maroon5. I can't explain how amazing they are, you have to hear them for yourself. If you are already a fan, you know what I mean; if you have never heard of the band you need to download some songs, trust me. I was looking for fan sites and realized there are no up-to-date sites out there, so I decided to do my best at making one, although it won't be a full-on website, just my pictures and some info and stuff. So I hope you enjoy it!

new cd - "songs about jane" - is out in stores nationwide, go buy a copy and support the band! (see official website for tour dates and other info)

"even in the midst of all of life's unpleasant gifts, someone out there's got it twice as bad; so thank your lucky stars and take a look at who you are and never waste another day again" -Shayanni's Surprise

This is a totally unofficial little site, if you have any comments, questions, info, or anything else email me, and if you want to use any pictures for another site please ask for permission. thanks! (oh and a little note, i made this site way before the new official site with the same picture from an old maroon promo poster, so great minds think alike or something.)