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Something Corporate...

My first EVER Something Corporate show!!! I went to this one with my friend Neda, after my brother told me i HAD to check out these guys. They were opening for this band Void. You can see the progression of SoCo by following their relationship to Void. This show was when Reuben was still in the band, and it was also the first show ever that Bill (William?) played with them on stage. They pulled him out of the audience and said he was their friend and played guitar and he was gonna play one song with them. They seemed so young to me, but were so much fun - even though thier whole audience consisted of screaming high school girls. I had only heard their cd (my brother's) a few times through, but I knew that my favorite song was Konstantine, and when they opened with it I loved them already! I believe that this show was the first time they ever played I Don't Want A Job, which they have played at just about every show I have ever been to. I obviously loved this band and had fun at the show, and they still seem to get better every time! (I just hope they don't get too cool to talk to their fans once they're on mtv and stuff)

my Something Corporate pictures from a bunch of shows (not this one though)

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