"My Son, Heath"


Logline: Victoria's sorrow at her son's tragic death

Set-up: A story in answer to Lorelei's "Day in the Life" writing challenge

  -At the crack of dawn, with a stretch and a yawn
-To the barn, you went on
-To saddle your faithful companion

-When a figure emerged from the shadows, striking you with all of his might
-Your brotherís foe, seeking revenge for a fight

-With a battered shell, you fought the hell
-It engulfed you so deep, for your brotherís plea to reach
-Until no longer you could bear the cross
-Then the battle, you lost

-Under the cloak of night, she appeared dressed in white
-In her arms, gently
-Your soul, she cradled

-So shall it be
-No longer do I fear the pain
-That held you in vain

-You were conceived in love, but burdened with shame
-A lost sheep, roaming the earth
-Until a secret she could no longer keep
-Lead you to our hearth

-Although in my womb, I did not carry you
-In my heart, I held you
-Through a forbidden union, I was given an angel
-With eyes deep as the ocean, and hair of sparkling gold

-Never shall I part
-With the smile that warmed our hearts
-In times of joy and sorrow

-My son, Heath
-In heaven you are now dwelling
-The placid pastures you are now treading

May you rest in peace

Your loving mother,

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