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Past Litters

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New litter was born on April 7, 2003. Ready for homes May 5, 2003. RESERVATIONS COMPLETE.


She's one of our favorire rats. She's so sweet and curious that she will make a perfect mom. Her wonderful temperament will definately be passed on to her babies.


He's definately a character. Not only is he beautiful, but he's one of the most trusting, intelligent rats I've ever had. I can't wait to see his babies.

Reservations Complete

Five babies were born. It looks like two will be light agouti hooded (one girl, one boy), one is a black hooded (girl), one is a beige hooded (boy) and the last one is a fawn broken hooded (boy). So far they're looking more and more adorable each day. $10 each.

Beige hooded boy - Reserved for Janette

Agouti hooded boy - Reserved for Janette

Fawn hooded boy - Reserved for Robin

Black hooded girl - Reserved for Danielle

Agouti hooded girl - Reserved for Danielle