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Fuzzy Misfits Presents :

Economy Nursery and Travel Homes

Need a safe and comfortable travel home for your new rat? How about a private, secure nursery cage for your pregnant female?

I am proud to present these new rodent homes. I personally use them for my nurseries and I have to say they are perfect. With a swinging door top, my females get a lot of privacy and yet they're easy to reach.

These homes are also very spacious, allowing 4 adult rats to live comfortably. I wouldn't recommend them as a permanent home, but they're great for in the meantime while you purchase a larger cage or while you introduce new rats together.

Other Uses: Permanent mouse and hamster home. Travel Cage. Great for vacations and shows!

Cost: $20 each - large food bowl also included!

Dimensions: 22"L X 11"H X 16"W

Please note: I am not a professional - some edges may not be exactly perfect which is why I can afford to make them economical for you.

How to Order: At this time, these homes are only available for pickup. Depending upon where you live in San Diego, I may be able to drop them off or I can meet you halfway. Please email me your orders. I do not have any extras on hand. I only make them when I receive orders. I am currently working on setting up a pay pal account and setting up a convenient shipping method. Check back for more info.

More sizes soon to come!

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