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Fuzzy Misfits - Prices

Since I am a hobby breeder, I breed rats for the pure love and joy of working with these little bundles of happiness. Whatever money I do make, goes right back into my rats. Most breeders can attest that there's no monetary profit in breeding. We just do it because we love them.

The prices of my babies will vary depending on coat type and ears, being a little more for the rarer varieties. Here is the simple guideline I use. Unless otherwise noted, the prices are as follow:

* Standard Rats (standard coats, standard ears) -- $15

* Rex rats w/ standard ears -- $20

* Dumbo rats w/ standard coats -- $20

* Dumbo rats w/ rex coats -- $25

* All Hairless rats, regardless of ears -- $25

I also offer a $5 discount for those who buy 2 or more babies. You can look at a specific litter's page for their prices as well. If you have any question concerninig prices or anything else, please feel free to contact me.