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The Residents of Fuzzy Misfits Rattery

The Bucks

The Bucks
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RRLM Elvis

He's a beautiful Seal Point Siamese Dumbo that we were happy to get from Hilloah in Pasadena.

SKR Boris

He's a stunning Russian Blue Silver boy. He takes my breathe away everytime I look at him.

CUTY Centari

He's a beautiful Beige Blazed Dumbo Berkshire. He's quickly becoming one of our large, squishy boys and we're happy to have him as part of our breeding program.

CUTY Caelum

He is a beautiful Dumbo Lilac Self. His color is outstanding and his temperament is exceptional.


He is a perfect Black Eyed White!!! Not only is he gorgeous, but he's a real sweetie as well.

Pic comin soon!

FUZZ Dante

He's a perfect black eyed white.


He's a beautiful pink eyed white.

Storm Cloud

He's a stunning blue "veriberk" rex. Dumbo carrier.


He's an almost perfect beige hooded rex.


Beautiful Chocolate Berkshire Dumbo. He's a sweet boy and we look forward to gorgeous babies from him.


Adorable Silver Black Split Capped. He was a jewel of a find. He should give us beautiful black eyed white babies in the future.

CUTY Homer

He's a beautiful Agouti English Irish Dumbo Rex

FUZZ Apollo

He's a beautiful silver blue blazed berkfhire dumbo.

CUTY Duncan

He's a beautiful Seal Point Siamese.

SLVR Sammy

He's a fawn hooded rex.

The Does

RRLM Sphinx

She's a beautiful Fawn Hairless Dumbo

FUZZ Phoenix

She's a beautiful Dumbo Blazed Bareback Rex

FUZZ Johnie

She's an excellently marked beige hooded standard-although the picture doesn't do her justice. She's a beauty and soo adventurous. She's already won 2 Best In Shows in a row!!

FUZZ Carina

She is a perfect Blue Hooded. She's absolutely beautiful and has already begun to do well in the show ring.

FUZZ Cleopatra

She is a beautiful Black Self.

Fuzz Portia

She is a beautiful Seal Point Siamese.


She is an excellently marked fawn hooded double rex dumbo. (pic isn't very good)

RRC Princess

She is a beautiful Seal Point Siamese we got from our friend Casey over at Romeo's Rat Crew. We will definately use her to improve our Siamese line. She's sweet tempered and adventurous.

RRLM Bianca

She's a beautiful Russian Blue Self.

RRLM Venus

She's a beautiful Blue Fawn Self

CUTY Reagan

She's an american blue self dumbo.

SLVR Autumn

She's an agouti hooded rex.


She's a beaige hooded rex.