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Hera's Litter

The babies are here!! Hera had 11 chubby babies on March 31, 2005. The waiting list is still open. Let me know if you'd like to be added. $10 for standard coated babies and $15 for rex babies. The babies will be ready to go home April 28th. All babies come with contracts and health guarantees. Pedigrees are also available.

There are 5 girls and 6 boys. There are several rexes. All babies have standard ears. All babies are gorgouse - they have very cute markings and they will all be sweet and cuddly. They all carry blue and dumbo. There are 2 black babies and the rest are charcoal (dark gray). The charcoal babies are actually turning out to be a dark chocolate color. They're beautiful! Individual pics coming soon!!!


She's a beautiful beige hooded rex female. She recently won best rex rat at the January AFRMA show.

FUZZ Apollo

He's a beautiful silver blue lightning blazed berkshire dumbo.

The Baby Boys - above

The Boys

* Black Hooded - Keeping

* Charcoal Berkshire - Available!

* Charcoal Bareback w/ short, thin blaze - Available!

* Rex Charcoal mismarked Hooded w/ large headspot Available!-

* Rex Varigated/Husky w/ small head spot - Available!

* Rex Charcoal Varigated/Husky w/large headspot - Available!

The Baby Girls - above

* Rex Charcoal Hooded w/ thin head spot - Troy

* Black Hooded - Danielle

* Charcoal Varigated halfway down back - Danielle

* Rex Charcoal mismarked Hooded w/ headspot - Regan

* Charcoal Varigated w/ headspot - Danielle