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Rodent Food Mixes

Introducing the rat and mouse food mixes of Fuzzy Misfits Rattery - now at a lower price!!!

Rodent Medley

$2.00 per pound

This is a healthy mixture of oats, grains, seeds, dry pasta, kitten blend, cereal, dry bananas, lentils soy beans and other delicious morcels that are fortified and nutritionaly balanced to keep your small animal happy on a daily basis. I've put this mix together myself and have found that my rats love it.

Lab Blocks

$1.00 per pound.

These lab blocks are high in protein and I recommend them as part of your rodent's daily diet. $1.00 per pound.

How to Order

For now, these mixes are only available for pick up.

Please email me your orders The Rodent Medley Mix and The High Protein Lab Blocks should be stored in a cool, dry place, preferably in an air tight container. The Medley Mix may also be stored in your refrigerator.