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:: The scene opens up to a dark Detroit night. The streets are quiet, empty, but still like always full of life. The shadows are stirring and swaying with a breeze just cold enough to leave the chill down your spine. The abandoned buildings leap into the sky piercing the clouds above. Bared up windows, and boarded up doors cover the buildings like a blanket of cover. The camera zooms into a few worn down park benches. By one bench to men, hobos most likely, huddle around a warm fire thrown together by yesterdays news, and all hope of a real home, or real life. On the bench there is a man hidden to the world, almost living within his sweatshirt. Ferro is huddled making sure all warmth is kept inside. Ferro lowers his hood to reveal his gold and black dread locked hair. He stares into the fire, as it glistens off his eyes. He is in deep thought as he rocks slowly back and forth. He pulls out a cigarette which is quickly met by a flash of spark. He takes one long deep drag, breathes it out with his nostrils, then begins to speak. ::

~Fatal Ferro~ Another six months have gone by, and yet again, here I am... back to ground zero. Here I am, six months ago, thinking I've made it, thinking, its over, you did it Ferro you finally made the big top like you've always wanted. Me, the DRWF champion, something that the masses said would never happen. Me, the man to beat, on top of the ladder looking down at the competition struggle to climb a rink at a time. That is just mind boggling. I've done it all, triple crown champion, held all the titles, defeated all the legends, put all the so called best in the business on the shelf, but yet, even with all that in my history I am still nothing, a nobody, an outcast to the wrestling society, and society in general. When I'm on top of course, what happens? Federation shuts down, turns off the lights on my career, my hopes, my dreams, and most importantly my money. Because we all know money makes the world go round.

You see it never use to be about the money, and frankly it still isn't, but even though I was the world champion, there was no constant stream of cash flow, in fact, the river was drier then the sahara, and my ass is broke, like usual, broke left to dry, fend for myself, back on the streets. Who would of thought. So now what do I do? Steal... Quite simple, I steal to eat, I steal to live, I still to survive. I'm ruthless once again, I'm raw and rugged. I'm just like I was before, I feel like I'm eighteen and just hit the street scene again. Although I thought I made it in DRWF I knew, in the back of my drug filled, chemically imbalanced mind, somewhere in a dark crevious deep in the core, I knew that I would be back in the streets, because you can take the man out of the streets, but you can never take them out of the man, and just like i presumed I'm back like vertebrae. So I'm back to my old skeems barely making it by, starving at every breaking morning, when some how, out of the fog, comes the CWF. Instantly I'm drawn to it, I'm compelled by the ring. Why? It's a mere wood and steel molded together, and bound by a few poles tacked to the ground. It's not the ring that draws me, it's the people, the crowd, the feeling of the crowd cheering at your high risk moves, and your death defying ways. No no... scratch that, it isn't the crowd, it is the competition. It's the intensity of exchanging blows with another man knowing any wrong move could cost you your career. It's like walking a tight rope at every second, and not knowing what's around the corner. It is underestimating your opponent, then going into the fight of your life, then feeling like twice the man you were a half an hour ago. That is what draws me, the hunt. I am like a Lion just released back into the wild, back into the streets wear I become King, and I am the hunter. I feel the same way about the CWF, I am now the hunter, and I am now finding my own pray to come upon. Although, I feel like I shouldn't have to do this, but it's true, I'm sorry to say it, Triple X is right. I have no status what so ever in this federation, but that is merely just because I am still the new guy, the asshole that walked in and stole the thunder.

That is right Triple X, I stole your fucking thunder, and do you know why? Because that spotlight has been a part of me for my entire career. I have always been a competitor, I feed off of it, I will not quit until I am the man to beat, until I am the top dog running the yard. I did it in DRWF and I I'll do it here Triple X, I WILL take your title and you will see why they call me the Fatal One. I know what your thinking, this isn't DRWF, this is the CWF, we are much better, this isn't that low rank amateur wrestling, but yet, what you don't understand is in the DRWF I had more extreme matches in one week then this federation has had in its entire history. I come in and within a mere 30 seconds dismantle the so called best in the biz Triple X and the rest of these pathetic excuses for competition, and just like I presumed, Triple X comes with his bag of tricks full of childish threats, and ludacris antics, thinking he's funny. King tut, rodeo clown, real original, throw in a boso pop, and I'll be own my way back to the circus. I find your manner competely childish, and unoriginal as usual. You think your so damn entertaining, with your nice pretty boy image and fresh 80's kiss hair, man if the leather was any tighter on your paints you could claim stagnant. It's cool, whatever floats the boat I guess, but looks aside. You claim im wet under the nose, that is far from the truth kid, and yes I mean kid, because youve been in this business what maybe 2 years at tops? I've been serving kids like you up for over a decade now. I've got ten years under my belt and I ain't even 24. Just because im the new guy doesn't mean I don't know my way around the ropes. It's funny, because this is all just a game to you, no matter what happens your still going home to your nice condo in the hills, and your silver spoon fed sardines. For me, it's life and death, because it's a matter of time before this crime catches me. Without wrestling, I have no income, I have no source of money, or life for that matter, I'm swept back into the underground, and I already know what your thinking, stay in the underground, just die off, get out of your spotlight, and out of your way, but you see, I can't Triple X, I can't just leave, I have found a new home with the CWF. I have found a new battlefield to set up camp. I am ready for war. I am ready for battle. Although, It's kind of funny, I can now see why CWF begged for me, there is no competition here, the CWF was on your dick like a condom, but that is only because your the best they have to offer. Suddenly a big name star like me comes in, within thirty seconds swips the slate of competition clean and now look at it, I'm the man in the news, i'm mister publicity. Everybody wants to know about the mysterious Ferro.

Well put the speculation aside, because there is nothing to see here. I am no million dollar, mr. glamour limo riding, wine drinking, super star. I am nothing that you would have interest in. So don't waste my time or yours. I am a mere shell of a man now, basically feeding for life again. I use to be a man, but when you have a rough history like myself, you don't keep your life to long. I'll save the history for another date, I don't have the time to take a trip down memory lane. Now, what we are really here for, Triple X... you don't even know me, you don't know the slightest thing about me, the only thing you know is that I came in with a flash, and a bang. Literally... flash of gold, then bang! singapore cain to your face! Just like that you met first hand Fatal Ferro. That's my form of a handshake... nice to meet you bitch. I've heard you run your mouth for a mere twenty seconds about me, and I already hate you. I've never really met you or had a conversation face to face with you, but basically I don't need to. When it comes down to it, it's not about the chit chat, it's about the ring. We can go back at eachother, trying to come up with the better diss, and look like the better man, but we both know, all that is thrown out the window when we actually step into the ring, and you see for the first time just what I can do. The cain down your throat was just a preview if that. It's like one tiny sliver of cake, when you know you want the whole thing, but we all know if you try and eat the whole thing, what happens Triple X? Exactly, you get a stomach ache. That's what I am, the stomach ache, you can't handle me, and you don't even know it yet. You are so caught up in yourself you can't even smell your own shit, even as it runs down your leg and leaves a trail for all to follow. I know what your like because I deal with your kind all the time. You are a pretty boy who strives on the new guy laying down and giving him the victory and following every spot and move you say. But guess what, I'm not going to lay down to you... or anybody in this federation. That's not my style. I will never lay down too you. I know I am better then you plain and simple. Your to arrogant. Me and everybody else in this federation know your just riding this quick wave of success but all waves come crashing down. It's only a matter of time. I feel that the time is coming very soon, you see, the president of this federation knows just how talented I am, and just how sick and sadistic I can be, and just how bad I strive to be the best. You should of seen some of the brutality I unleashed on people in the DRWF. I have legally killed men before Triple X... legally! Do you think I'm going to hold back on your pretty boy ass! The cocky ones like you are the funniest ones to take down. I can't wait to see the look on your face when i steal that title out of your cold grips.

:: Ferro than adjusts again breathing heavily warming himself again. ::

You see Triple X this warmth I feel right now comes from myself, I breath the hot air, and I know it comes from me, I made it... It's mine. You see, I don't have the warmth and comfort of knowing that I have somebody to watch my back like you X. I don't have somebody looking over my shoulder making sure the road ahead is smooth. I have just plow right through and taking the detours along the way. My breathe is the only warmth I have. I have always done things by myself, I don't need to hide behind an army of minions. I real man doesn't need help, they do it on their own. Your now real man, you hide behind a cast iron shadow. You haven't earned shit, you haven't earned your spotlight, frankly I haven't even earned the spot to be in the ring fighting for the World title. You were just the lucky chode who showed up first. Your a mere flavor of the month, with one quick reign then your off the map. I'm sure you can say the same thing about me, and will, that's fine, waste the peoples time. I know you X, I've been watching you these past couple weeks. I know your every step before you do it. I've been watching you from the shadows... stalking if you will. Now I know what your thinking, what am I some kind of sick fuck? Yes! I am... I am exactly that! I've just been lurking, waiting for the perfect time to make my entrance. Then right when you just about had the match won, with your good buddy stepbourn coming back onto the scene, you didn't think things could get any better, then bam! I show up... and I have to admit, seeing your eyes almost pop out the back of your head was hilarious. You had no clue, you didn't know what was coming down the ramp. Man if only I could have been in your shoes. To feel the blood rush through yoru body, your heart pump as you awaited for me, not knowing who or what it was. That was hilarious. Then when I jumped in and emberassed all four of you fools within seconds, that was the best part. Your confidence is your downfall, you underestimate me Triple X, I am no run of the mill, amateur. Maybe I'm taking this match to serious, but then again I'm not. Even I play my cards correctly I could easily come in and become the next champion of this federation. Then, if you think the federation is fucked up now with an 80's punk rocker as the champ, wait till a psychotic, demented, serial killing clown becomes champ. (puts his thumbs up at the camera) Yeah kids! there's one to show the parents! Dad there's a clown threatening to kill people on T.V. isn't it cool! Ratings are going to drop the fuck down when I hit the scene, and frankly I don't give a shit! The ratings have nothing to do with me, because a few people understand where I am coming from. I come from an underground nation that doesn't give two shits and fuck about this fame game propaganda. Till next time, I'm out.

:: The scene fades to black ::